Accidents & Work Related Illness

In return for your hard work and loyalty, as an employee you’re entitled to expect a safe, free from all possible hazards, working environment. In fact, there are many rules in place that employers have to comply with, and if they do not and you have an accident at work or develop an illness at work, they may be negligent.

Your employer has a legal obligation to ensure they comply with health and safety legislation and if that legislation is breached or if they are negligent, and you become injured or ill as a result, then you are entitled to claim compensation.

Baker & Coleman Solicitor can assist you with workplace accident compensation claims, if you have suffered injuries resulting from faulty equipment, insufficient training or objects falling from height. 

A claim for compensation against your employer may seem overwhelming, but in most cases we will be dealing directly with their insurers.

We can assist clients claim compensation in a range of work related circumstances, including:
We believe our job is to take care of all the small details so you can concentrate on getting yourself better. 

From an initial no obligation assessment of your claim through to your final settlement cheque, we deliver a highly professional service for each client on a
no win, no fee basis.

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