Commercial Property

Maximising a commercial property investment means actively managing your rights and liabilities as a landowner and realising the economic potential of the land and buildings. Real estate is a key asset for any business, and we can ensure that the most multifaceted of deals are concluded in a timely and straightforward manner. 

When overseeing your property portfolio, it is easy to miss important legal steps due to the number of specific terms and conditions. Our professionals can steer you through the terminology and can offer strategic guidance to help you save money and focus on your core business.

Key areas we advise on include:

Corporate Real Estate

Your commercial property portfolio can be one of your greatest assets or the source of your biggest liabilities. Blunders such as missed time limits, incorrect contracts, unidentified risks and wrongly served notices can cost you severely.


Supervisory bodies are placing new and more rigorous demands on businesses to meet increased environmental demands. If you do not enthusiastically manage your environmental responsibilities, you can easily fall foul of these polices and cause damage to both your business and your standing.

Joint Ventures Involving Property and Property Funds

Whatever the size of your business, we can come up with rational, strong and commercially creative solutions, helping you to avoid legal difficulties and enable you to focus on what you do best.

Landlord and Tenant

Whether you are a landlord, the owner of a residential lease, or a tenant, it is likely that you will need the support and assistance of an experienced legal support network to help steer you through the minefield of complex property legislation.

Planning & Compulsory Purchase

Planning is an area of law that has always been complex and, in recent years, policy guidance and controls have been constantly revised and reissued.

Property Litigation

Property or real estate disagreements are unavoidable at times, litigation is. Our dispute resolution team anticipates, avoids and resolves disputes, reducing the interruption and cost to you or your business.

Real Estate Finance

Many property deals involve borrowed money and both lenders and borrowers need their interests secured. Our Solicitors work to secure your investment and offer you a resourceful view on how best to move towards your commercial property financing goals, making sure your interests are secured.

Strategic Land

We take a variety of approaches to site assembly for both commercial and/or residential development, including: option agreements; planning promotion and development agreements.

We also advise on complex section 106 agreements (where certain planning obligations are placed on the developer).

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